Ways to Save Money

Everyone is looking for ways to cut back on the amount they are spending. I tend to look for easy things I can change that won’t make a big change in my life, but will make it easier and hopefully lower my bills. I’ve collected a huge amount of easy to do cost-cutting things and I’m going to attempt to do them all. There are obviously way more options than what I have listed, but some of them are not feasible for me. For instance, many people can hang their clothes out to dry to cut down on electricity costs from the dryer. I can’t and won’t do this for several reasons: my clothes have the softness of cardboard when I’ve done this in the past, and most importantly; I live in a part of the city where anything clean(or otherwise for that matter) and hanging outside will be stolen.

I’m not going to set a time limit on myself(I’ve written way too many school papers the night before they were due), but I will make an effort to do these when I can remember (and blog) about it so I can get credit J.

Ways to save money(that I will actually do):
3.       Shop patiently and wait for the sale (I already have a whole separate Gather list going for how/when I find stuff on sale. My yearly total for what I’ve saved this year is already well over $1,500 and it’s only April).
4.       Don’t use the stove when the microwave will do (Don’t have to tell me twice..)
6.       Stock freezer and pantry with items on sale (People have whole blogs written just on this one topic, but I will try and do this on a consistent basis.)
7.       Start an automatic appliance replacement savings fund (so you’re not screwed when the dryer breaks mid-dry with 25 loads to go).
42.   Avoid money-sink habits(I consider scrapbooking and golf both to be one, stay tuned as I figure out how to still do these and save money..)
43.   Read more
51.   Cook meals that are cheaper(Books, blogs, and webpages abound on this topic as well. I have no idea what  I spend on food per year, but if I had to guess, it’s probably more than the average. We will see how I do with this one..)
54.   Ask seller to pay closing costs when purchasing a home
55.   Shop around for a mortgage
56.   Shop around for insurances and find all discounts for which you are eligible
57.   Plan free dates
58.   Take walks together
59.   Write love notes
60.   Be attentive/thoughtful as opposed to costly presents
61.   Join a volunteer organization
62.   Join a book club
63.   Take leadership positions
64.   Host a potluck dinner and have everyone bring an item so it cuts down on costs.
65.   Host a game evening
66.   Host a sporting event party instead of going to a bar and spending a ton
67.   Buy in bulk with friends and split(are you really going to use 25 cans of corn?)
68.   Craigslist and Freecycle(both to give and receive)
69.   Sign up for stores’ frequent shopper or discount cards
70.   Use coupons (again there are whole blogs and websites just on this topic alone. I will attempt to use them under the following conditions: I have printer ink, the store still accepts computer coupons, I remember to bring them and am already buying the product in question. That’s a lot to ask, but we will see..)
71.   Change lightbulbs to CFLs
72.   Eliminate any monthly services you don’t use
73.   Check Cell and TV plans to make sure you’re not paying for services you don’t use
74.   Use a reusable water bottle as opposed to buy flats of (unrecyclable) bottles